Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Running, running, running

So we are doing pretty good on our couch to 5k program. We are on week 7 of 9. I can now run 25 minutes without dying, which is really good, considering I could barely run 2-3 minutes when we started. We run in the evenings now, it's nicer. The air is cooling down, we get to see the sun set, the sprinklers come on in time to cool us off, and Hubby usually works on getting the kids to bed while we're gone. And we sit and chat for a bit when we are done, it's really nice to have some time to just talk without kids. I'm surprised my shoes have held up, they aren't Air Jordans or anything. I think I paid $5 for them at Goodwill. I know, you shouldn't buy used shoes, but when you have no money you get what you can. I bought them when I started my fast food job last year, and so far they have done me well. No holes, not worn out, and more comfy the more I use them. Though by the time this race is over I might need some new ones.


Michelle said...

$5 is awesome especially where they have lasted so long! Sometimes cheaper is better. :) You really have been doing awesome with running, you're way ahead of Melissa and I!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have been wanting to start the couch to 5K program! Lol, I'm stuck on the "couch" portion of the program though ;-) Someday!

Kara said...

LOL Mande :) I recommend doing it with a friend.