Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Metal teeth

So today I have an orthodontist appointment at 2:30. Little Baby's mom is coming to pick him up early, and I'm taking my boys with me. It's over an hour away :P I'm going to ask the orthodontist if he can at least give me some indication of when I'll get these dang braces off, I'm so sick of them! I've had them almost 2 years now and I hate them. Sure, my teeth are much straighter, and cleaner since I have to brush them more, but I am really tired of food getting stuck in them and having a hard time flossing (it takes me 15 minutes to floss!) and feeling silly when I smile big. Not to mention the hour trip to get to the office and the pain I'm in for a few days after each tightening. Yes, I will be thrilled when I can finally be free of them.


Anonymous said...

Hello, fellow Postie! I clicked the photo you posted on because that baby is SO CUTE. If you get a chance, visit me at Table for Five!-Elizabeth

Michelle said...

I hope the orthodontist tells you the braces can come off soon. I'll cross my fingers!

Lorie said...

I hope she tels you they can come off!

I posted on my blog about my prize from 5 minutes for mom that you asked to see what I got.