Saturday, July 07, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday

I did pretty good this week on most of my goals, there are still a few I've been slacking on, like flossing and laundry. I wash the laundry but never get it put away. So I need to work on those 2 better, but the rest did mostly good. Cleaning and bedtime need some work too, but not too horrible.

My new goal is going to be to clean up in the office each day. It doesn't get cleaned often enough and when I sit in here I feel surrounded by junk. So if I clean it up a bit each night when I log off it should stay in pretty good shape.

Goal recap:
#1- Clean 1/2hr a day- 3/7
#2- Keep up with dishes- 5/7
#3- Brush teeth once a day- 7/7
#4- Read scriptures daily- 7/7
#5- Toddler bedtime routine- 6/7
#6- Bedtime 11:30pm- 4/7
#7- 50 crunches a day- 7/7
#8- Take vitamins every day- 7/7
#9- No computer for 1hr a day when Hubby is home- 7/7
#10- 1 load of laundry each day- 1/7
#11- Daily prayers, morning and night- 13/14
#12- Dinner 3x during the week- 2/3
#13- Lotion every day- 7/7
#14- Floss every day- 1/7
#15- Bringing dishes to kitchen- 7/7
#16- Clean office each day

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Myth said...

A daily cleaning of my desk should be on the agenda for me as well! I can hardly move for piles of paper... Good luck this week.

Mrs. O said...

Okay, I need to add the lotion one and then also stick by my earlier bedtime (fore me and the kids).

You are doing great on so many, way to go!

Rebecca said...

Great job on your habits! Good luck on your new one & refining your current ones this week!

Michelle said...

I don't understand why the desk/office areas get so messy. I swear I'm cleaning my desk off 10 times a day. :P

Good job with your habits! Good luck this week working on a new one and some old ones!

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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed that you're doing 5/7 or better on 10 of your habits! That's great.

Office areas (or anywhere that ahs a flat surface of any kind) seem to attract papers and other items. Good luck on keping it neat.