Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday To-Do

Alright, let's see what needs done today:

* Fold laundry

* Dishes, like always

* Clean up every room in the house, seriously

* Especially boys' room

* Vacuum

* Go to post office

And I think that's it! I keep putting off folding the laundry and it keeps piling up so I need to get it folded today. And I need to clean the boys room because it's a disaster, all the toys are out. The only errand I need to go out for is to mail a package, other than that I get to stay home :)


Dawn said...

I feel your pain! I tackled the boys' room yesterday, it looks SO MUCH BETTER! But I about had a heartattack this morning when I went in there and there was a mess on the floor! LOL I made Justin help me clean it up, he didn't seem impressed with having such a clean room LOL!

We used to have a play room and a bedroom with no toys, but now Jayden's gotta have a room, we're back to having toys in their room, so it's so much messier!!

GL with your to do list!

Kara said...

It's amazing how quickly kids can make their room a disaster huh? And of course they aren't content with just dumping out the toys, when that's done Toddler likes to take the blankets and sheets off the bed, take the mattress off the bed, tip over the toy shelf, dump out the clothing drawers, etc. It's a pain!

Barb said...

I hate laundry! Hate it! :)

Anonymous said...

I need every room in my house cleaned too...seriously. AND we're leaving to go out of town in two days. *SIGH*