Saturday, June 16, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday

I'm still not doing too good at keeping up with my habits. I'm seem to go through spurts of doing really good and doing really horrible. I think part of it is the heat, now that it's so warm I just don't feel like doing anything. I'm doing really good at my newest goal of getting dishes to the kitchen instead of laying around the house, not perfect but much better. Doing awesome at prayers, scriptures, and computer time. Doing pretty bad with all my bedtime stuff, haven't even flossed once this week. I've barely been getting dishes done and getting behind in laundry. So no new goals this week, I'm going to keep working on what I have.

Goal recap:
#1- Clean 1/2hr a day
#2- Keep up with dishes
#3- Brush teeth once a day
#4- Read scriptures daily
#5- Toddler bedtime routine
#6- Bedtime 11:30pm
#7- 50 crunches a day
#8- Take vitamins every day
#9- No computer for 1hr a day when Hubby is home
#10- 1 load of laundry each day
#11- Daily prayers, morning and night
#12- Dinner 3x during the week
#13- Lotion every day
#14- Floss every day
#15- Bringing dishes to kitchen

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Mrs. O said...

You've inspired me to add flossing to my routine. It used to be a habit with me (I was actually able to reverse some gum disease attributed to pregnancy and radiation), but I need to focus on it again.

Good luck this week. Summer is tough - lots of distractions.

Barb said...

I think it's just the time of year. Our bodies still remember getting out of school and having a lazy summer ahead.

Montserrat said...

Summer is hard to keep up with our habits. I'd rather be outside than in doing housework. Good luck!

Michelle said...

We all have our spurts. This week you just try again and you will surprise yourself. Good luck! Let me know if I can help. :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

The heat always makes me sluggish. And it is only June!?!? Good luck hanging in there with your habits this summer.

Robin said...

I must've gotten the idea about looking for dishes to take to the kitchen when I leave a room from you. I haven't called it as a habit yet, but it's working for me anyway.

Have a great week!

Andrea said...

I think it's great to take a break and just work on previous goals. Good luck this week. you have some great goals there.

Lara said...

Working on old habits is always a good idea. Way to stick with them!

Ice Cream said...

Wow, if i did all those habitually, every day, I would consider myself dern near perfect!

Keep up the good work.