Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm going to take a minute to complain, then maybe once it's off my chest I'll feel better lol. So here's my complaints today:
* Little Baby was unusually fussy today
* Toddler keeps telling me his teeth hurt, guess it's about time for his first dentist appointment. Oh and I have a toothache and am due for a cleaning too.
* My family was going to come get Toddler and take him for a week, but then cancelled cuz they can't afford the gas. I was starting to look forward to a little break.
* We probably don't have the gas money to go visit my family like I want to
* My stomach is really hurting right now
* I hate this heat, and that we don't have central a/c, just one window unit upstairs that does not cool the whole house.
* My house is a mess (of course that's mostly my fault for not keeping up with cleaning, so guess have no room to complain lol)

OK, that's better :) Now I need to go do something productive to get me out of this slump.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Sorry to hear all of your bad news...hope your weekend looks up for you!

Dawn said...

I don't know how you do it, having little baby to care for, no central a/c, and all. Thank goodness gas is finally coming down, but it is still crazy expensive!! **hugs** Hope your day got better!

Kara said...

It did get better, I got dishes done and made bread and Little Baby took a nap finally, so I got over my bad mood lol.