Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time to share

Today I am blessing you with a bunch of links to posts I have enjoyed over the last few weeks. I want to try doing this every week, but we'll see how often I really remember lol. So check them out and enjoy!

Antique Mommy teaching her boy how to eat healthy.

Remember He is always there watching over you, found at Diary of a SAHM

The post that has had me giggling for weeks, every time I think of it, by Dawn. I don't think I'll ever look at pepper the same way again. And laugh at these t-shirts while you're there.

How to make your home your sanctuary, by who other than Home Sanctuary.

Every mommy will appreciate the sentiment expressed by Notes from the Trenches in her post about her boy growing up.

Jen shares with us computer art at it's finest and funniest with this hilarious video she found.

Go congratulate Beth on the birth of her cute little boy.

Organizing Junkie helps you learn how to get organized with simple steps.

Go laugh with Michelle and her funny pictures post.

Where does all that hamburger come from? Ponder that with Simply Chumly.

Not everyone is perfect, but Mist is working on it.

Now, wasn't that fun?


Lorie said...

Cute idea Kara!

Dawn said...

Hey a bottle of hot sauce just broke on Justin's foot as it fell out of the fridge (Jakey put it away grrr) and now he's screaming "There's Pepper on my toe now!!!!" LOL Apparently hot sauce on your toe feels alot like pepper on your bum. LOL That post really does crack me up!

Cute, I love this idea!!!

Kara said...

LOL Dawn! I guess it's a glimpse of what I'll be going through when my boys are a little older lol :D

mist1 said...

That was cute. Next time, mix up the bloggers and the posts. Sure, I'd have a heart attack if I read, "Go congratulate Mist on the birth of her cute little boy," but I'm sure that eventually I'd see the humor in it.

Kara said...

LOL Mist! That is a fun idea :D