Friday, June 22, 2007

Family Fridays

Monkey Kisses hosts this fun weekly Family Fridays, where you talk about something your family likes to do together.

We are really enjoying the Mommy and Me swim class I'm taking with Toddler. He has fun playing in the water, I get a chance for one-on-one play time with him in a nice cool pool, and Hubby and Baby watch. Next Monday I've talked Hubby into joining us after class for family swim time. And hopefully get some better pool pics :)

Check out Monkey Kisses for more Family Fridays ideas.


Lorie said...

That,as I have said before is so neat Kara! Glad you are joining FFF!

Dawn said...

Your swimsuit is cute!!! It will be a nice relaxing FHE for your fam to swim on Monday night!

Michelle said...

You two are so cute together in the water. You're a good mommy.