Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm melting!

OK, not really, but it is hot! I'm not a fan of weather that's above 75* (or below 60* lol) and right now it's 88* here. We don't have air conditioning so our house is always so hot in the summer. Guess it's about time to get out the window a/c unit, that will at least keep the upstairs a little cooler. Tomorrow's supposed to be just as hot, but luckily it'll be a little cooler the rest of the week, even around 60* on Wednesday and Thursday. That'll be nice for out Thursday run. I know it could be worse, I'm glad I don't live in Phoenix or Las Vegas or something.

What temperature are you most comfortable at? Do you prefer Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?


Michelle said...

It is hot today. I think it would be easier to adjust to the weather if it was gradual and not so abrupt. :P I prefer Fall and Spring because they tend to have cool weather all around. :)

Dawn said...

It's 95 here today, very hot. But we have a/c, so inside it's a nice 78 degrees! LOL I would totally get out the window unit, I cannot sleep in a hot house, and heat rises!!

But even at 95, I didn't think it was particularly hot today when I was outside....hmmmm...LOL

Kara said...

LOL Dawn, you're probably more used to the heat than I am since you are in CA. If my house was 78* inside that would still be too hot for me lol 70-75* is good :D

Michelle- at least we don't live on the other side of the state. I hear it got into triple digits over in Boise today!

Dawn said...

If you walked into a house that was 70-75 from 100+ degree weather you would get very sick! LOL More than anything, I can't stand the air not moving, if it's slightly windy at all, and hot, I'm totally fine, but when the air doesn't move I want to die! LOL

Kara said...

I agree about the wind thing. I love a nice breeze on a warm day. The dead air is stifling.

Barb said...

It was sweltering here last Wednesday at 94! I hate hate hate hot and humid weather! We've already got the a/c running.