Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dang spam

I don't know about the rest of you, but I get a ton of email spam! I delete about 50 spam messages a day, it's such a pain. Sometimes I want to just switch my email, use my yahoo or gmail more, but I use my hotmail for everything, I wouldn't even know where to start in switching stuff over. Only messages from my contacts go to my Inbox, everything else goes straight to the junk folder, but I still have to go through it for stuff I do want that gets sent there from non-contacts. Stupid spammers. I don't care about "Save up to 51% on your student loans!" or "Get rich at home with Google!" and especially don't care for "U caN Plez yuR GirL tonItE!!" ugh. All those "You qualify for this free offer.." and "Here's your $100 giftcard!" would make me a rich woman if they were actually real. I get "FREE 2 day vacation!" at least twice a day. If those were real I'd be on vacation all the time! Why do people send spam? Just for kicks and giggles? I don't see what profit they get from bogging down my inbox with junk.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Yup, Spam sucks! :(

Dawn said...

We use yahoo type mail but it's premium because yahoo/at&t is our internet provider...LOL So I only get spam in my spambox and real mail in my mailbox, but occassionally my real mail falls in the spambox too LOL! I mostly get the drug ones "Ciali$ will chang3 your li5e!" Uh, huh.