Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wait it out or go in?

So, I've had this sore throat for 2.5 weeks now. It hurts to swallow and feels swollen. I'm beginning to think I have strep throat. The problem is I never have time to go in during regular doctor office hours since I babysit and have my own kids to take care of, and only the Urgent Care is open when I could go in, but that would cost at least $50, which we don't have. I might try getting a doctor appointment Monday morning and tell Little Baby's mom I can't watch him that day. Of course if it is strep I probably wouldn't watch him for a few days. I just hope he hasn't got it already if it is, since I've had it so long. Ugh, stupid throat and stupid money and stupid insurance :P


Anonymous said...

Possibly it must be a pharyngitis.

Crazy Working Mom said...

You poor dear...hope it's better soon.