Friday, June 08, 2007

Family Fridays

This is my first time joining in Family Fridays, hosted by Monkey Kisses, who I found through Lorie. Every Friday you post an activity you like to do with your family.

What we love doing in the summer is taking the boys to the park. During the week we can get free sack lunches at the park, so I go with Michelle and her family and we eat lunch and let the kids play. This is great because not only do we not have to make lunch, but the kids really love playing at the park, so they have fun and then get worn out for naptime. The fresh air is nice for all of us and helps me to get away from the computer and out of the house once in a while.

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Monkey Kisses said...

Wow.. that is awesome.. I wish they had something like that around here.. that is really cool!!!! I always want to go to the park, but then you have to make lunch, pack it up, all that fun stuff...