Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday To-Do

Not much new on my plate today:

* Clean Bathrooms

* Dishes

* Laundry

* Pick up in boys' room

* Think of something for dinner

* Swim class at 6:30

I'm surprised at myself for actually cleaning the bathrooms this morning lol. I need to do dishes, they somehow pile up faster than I can keep up. But first I need to get lunch for me and the boys, then get Toddler down for a nap, and if I'm lucky I can get Baby to nap at the same time so I can lay down a bit.


Kendra said...

Not much on your plate!!! Geez, my days goes like this:

Play group
Research natural induction methods :)

Hmmm, that's about it. I have been practically worthless the last week or so. I JUST WANT TO HAVE THIS BABY!!!!

Kara said...

LOL Kendra, at your point I don't blame you for not doing much lol, I know at 39wks I didn't want to do anything but sit around all day :D

Dawn said...

Kara, how'd the day end up? Did you get the family in on a swim tonight after lessons?

Kara said...

Went good. We had a family swim last night for FHE after class :) Toddler's doing really good in swim class, it's so fun. And I got dishes done, but that's about all that got done lol.