Saturday, June 30, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday

I did much better this week than I did the last two weeks. There are still a few that I didn't do so hot on this week. Like laundry, although I got it washed, it is sitting in piles in my room waiting to be folded and put away. I haven't been cleaning much and only flossed once this week. I'm doing better at my nighttime routine stuff for me and Toddler, and still doing pretty good for prayers and bringing dishes to the kitchen. I am doing great with reading scriptures every day, having one straight hour off the computer when Hubby is home, and making dinner 3x a week. Since I'm still trying to work on so many goals I'm not going to add another today, but I will next week since it's a new month.

Goal recap:
#1- Clean 1/2hr a day- 3/7
#2- Keep up with dishes- 5/7
#3- Brush teeth once a day- 5/7
#4- Read scriptures daily- 7/7
#5- Toddler bedtime routine- 4/7
#6- Bedtime 11:30pm- 5/7
#7- 50 crunches a day- 5/7
#8- Take vitamins every day- 7/7
#9- No computer for 1hr a day when Hubby is home- 7/7
#10- 1 load of laundry each day- 2/7
#11- Daily prayers, morning and night- 11/14
#12- Dinner 3x during the week- 3/3
#13- Lotion every day- 6/7
#14- Floss every day- 1/7
#15- Bringing dishes to kitchen- 6/7

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Rebecca said...

It's really a series of ups & downs isn't it? I think you are doing really great though. Good luck this week! Sometimes it's best not to add when trying to catch up on things. I haven't added a new habit a few times now.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Keep up the good work! :) Looks like you're doing pretty well.

Lara said...

We do have a lot of habits to work on these days don't we?

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like you are doing really well on most of your habits. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Check out my tribute to Canada too.

Canadian dog,
Reba Rottenweiler

Christine - Tutorial Addict :) said...

Good luck this week, it looks like you really are doing pretty well! You have a lot on your plate and I think it's good to know when to work on what you have instead of adding more, so good for you! Have a great week!

Michelle said...

You did great Kara! Good luck again this week!