Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Most of this is about Cancun lol.

1) Tomorrow we are going to SLC and I get to see my family

2) Monday we leave for Cancun!

3) The resort we are staying at is awesome!!!

4) After 2 kids I'm still not afraid to be seen in a swimsuit

5) I'm mostly packed

Can you tell I'm really excited about my trip?! I can't believe in just a few days I'll be on my way to warm, sunny Cancun! I get to get out of this cold and snow, and I will actually get to sleep uninterrupted by Baby!

What are you thankful for today?


Beth said...

What a blissful trip you have planned! Wow!! How long is your trip? Have fun in Salt Lake and Cancun!

Beth said...

Oh, today I am thankful for:

~Going on a lunch date with my hubby (even if we had to bring my toddler .. hey, he was good!)

~Aforementioned toddler is taking a LONG nap today!

~It's ALMOST Friday!

Kara said...

We are going to SLC tomorrow morning and fly out Monday to Cancun, return Sat. I'll have lots of pics to share when I get back!