Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5 Things About Me MEME

I've been tagged by Skittles for this MEME.

5 Things You May Not Know About Me

1) I have Psoriasis. It's an immune system disease that makes me have red, itchy, scaly skin on my arms, legs, face, and scalp.

2) I only had 2 real boyfriends before I met hubby. One when I was 14 and the other when I was 17, both only lasted a few months. What a loser huh?

3) I've never had drugs or alcohol.

4) I used to dance, ballet, jazz, a little tap. Started when I was 4 I think, stopped when I was 17.

5) I was born at home.

That was hard! OK, I tag Michelle, cuz I love learning more about my friends!


Barb said...

Thanks for doing this! I bet you dance around the house sometimes?

Kara said...

lol, not really :D but I should take a class again some day, I was in such good shape back then.

Michelle said...

Are you saying I need to update my blog? ;) j/k :D

I didn't know two of those on your list. I like learning about you too.

Skittles - you should see her do the splits!

Kara said...

lol, I don't think I can do the splits anymore! having 2 kids and never exercising messed up my hips and flexibility :D

Claire said...

You must dance a little bit around the house?
Psoriasis is not nice, my sisters fella has it and it drives him mad. But also got him trouble because someone thought he was touching himself in a intimate place, when really he was itching his leg!oops!


Chelle / Chel said...

I have psoriasis, too!


Dawn said...

Wow that was very interesting, how neat that you were born at home! And I too have psorisis (but you can spell it! LOL) isn't it the worst right behind your ears???? Ouch!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Very interesting list! :)
Cool that you were born at home. Was that planned?

Kara said...

I didn't realize so many of you have psoriasis too. Yes, my homebirth was planned. Me and 2 of my brothers were born at home.