Friday, January 05, 2007

New look!

What do you think? I'm pretty proud of myself! I'll still be fiddling around with it for awhile until I get it just right, but it's mostly done! I now know more about html than I ever want to know lol.

P.S. If anyone can give me hints on how to get a line or bar or something that goes vertically between each column I would most appreciate it Nevermind, I figured that out, now I just don't know why there's a space at the top of my recent posts, like a bigger gap between the header and most recent posts. It's lower than the top of the sidebars, and I can't figure out why?

P.P.S. I give lots of credit to Random Bytes for her tips on how to switch to 3 columns, easiest help I could find to do it.


Kara said...

yeah, it's so nice you can get all the info online, but deciphering it into something the average housewife can understand is the hard part! My DH is a software engineer so I asked him to help but he said html is not his strong point, so I did it myself.

Barb said...

Hey it looks wonderful!!! I don't know how to get a vertical column tho.. mine came with the option to have borders around things :(

Kara said...

Hm, maybe I'll look up how to do borders then if I can't figure out vertical lines :)

Michelle said...

It looks fabulous. It's sad, I've been blogging longer than you have and you know WAY more than I do! That just means you're awesome. :D It looks great. *throw confetti*

Chelle / Chel said...

Love the look!