Monday, January 08, 2007

Can you speak Toddler-ese?

Here's some of the things 2yr old says. Can you guess what he means?

1) "Guck! Hep! Guck!"

2) "Becken"

3) "No pidder! Off now!" (This one he just yelled at me lol)

4) "Muck peeze"

5) "Awna"

6) "Berk"

7) "Ungy, bood"

8) "Ga-gogs"

9) "Baby ginkies"

10) "Bupper"

I will give a diploma in Toddler-ese to whomever can guess the most right :D


Michelle said...

I speak toddler-ese but only when it comes to my own toddler. lol Here are my best guesses anyway. :D

1. Yuck! Help! Yuck!
2. Bacon?
3. No computer! Get off now!
4. Yucky peas? More please?
5. On? Like turning something on?
6. Burp?
7. Hungry, food?
8. Hot dogs?
9. Baby binkies?
10. Diaper? Powder?

Kara said...

You got 4 1/2 right Michelle :D

I'll give all the answers later when I get home from work.

Michelle said...

Yay for 4 1/2! lol

Beth said...

How about...

4. Milk, please!

9. Baby binkies? Baby's binkies?

10. Supper

And I was going to say the same as Michelle for number three, but I feel bad stealing it from her. :-)

They really do have their own unique language, don't they?

Chelle / Chel said...

Wow. I'm stumped on most. I remember when my son, now 16, used to call Penguins Penkins. I love toddler speak.


Nate said...

OK, here's the answers!

1) Stuck! Help! Stuck!

2) Broken

3) No computer! Off now!

4) Milk please

5) I want (a)

6) Work

7) Hungry, food

8) Hot dogs

9) Baby stinky

10) Diaper

Congrats to Michelle for being the Toddler-ese expert!

Kara said...

Crap, I forgot hubby was signed in. That was me :D

Barb said...

I knew #4 darnit lol

Michelle said...

*Throws confetti* Do I win more Oh Henry Bars? ;)

Crazy Working Mom said...

I think for my next Thursday Thirteen I'm going to do a post of words that my 4yo says. : )