Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Even I make stupid mistakes

OK, so the first rule of buying shoes is to buy new right? I mean you don't want to wear shoes that someone has been sweating in and worn out. Well, I broke the rule. I bought some shoes at Goodwill, we don't have lots of money and I just needed something to wear a few hrs a night at work. And stupid me, I didn't even think to wash them before use. Now me toes are killing me! Like burning, itching pain. Feels like horrible blisters but it's not, just pain. I'm praying that I didn't get some infection from those dang used shoes. Hopefully they just hurt from getting used to wearing the shoes and not from some raging infection under the skin. I'm going to go soak my feet for a bit.


Claire said...

Oh how horrible!!! I hope you have learnt your lesson,lol!
I did the first time i went out hiking with boots to small for me, because i didnt want to fork out for new ones. I had blisters on blisters!


Sandra said...

Oh no, that is horrible. It might just be that you're getting used to the shoes....I've done that before when money was tight and ended up regretting it.


Barb said...

Oh no... I hope it gets better!

You've been TAGGED with the "5 Things You May Not Know About Me" meme. :)

Mags said...

Oh no. I hope you don't have a funky foot fungus...

Crossing my toes for ya!