Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spotlight today is on Skittles! I came across Barb's blog a few months ago and was hooked from the start. She is funny and honest and kind. She posts a lot (my inspiration lol) and keeps her viewers entertained. From her cute little "Just a Quickie" posts to more serious life issues, she will keep you coming back for more. One of my favorite things about her is how she doesn't pretend to be what she's not. She is very honest about her life, ups and downs, and her honesty has earned her many faithful friends and readers. She is always encouraging others and comments frequently to her many blogging buddies. I'm happy to count her as one of my good online friends. So go check her out and tell her I sent you!


Crazy Working Mom said...

You are SO right! :)
She is one of my daily reads...usually the first blog I go to every morning. Glad to see you giving her the recognition we all know she deserves!

Barb said...

Oh thank you thank you!!!!!!! :)

Claire said...

I love skittles also!!!!!!
i know she was scared that blogging about her up and downs would scare people off, but people like you and me just jumped right on that roller coaster with her!
She is my blogging inspiration or a blogging Guru!
Hooray for Skittles!
This was very nice of you!


Chelle / Chel said...

I agree! She's a sweetheart and one of our favorites!


Michelle said...

Skittles blog is amazing. I check in whenever I have a minute. She deserves to be in the spotlight!

Mags said...

Sorry, can't tell her you sent me, 'cause I came from there! ;)

And yes, she's pretty wonderful!!