Sunday, January 07, 2007


We have church at 9am this year, instead of 11am like last year. I am not a morning person. I predict we will be late.


Beth said...

I will switch you. I *am* a morning person, and I loved that the morning schedule matched ds's eat/nap schedule. *sigh* Oh well.

Dawn said...

We're meeting at 9:00 too this year, not too much different than 9:30 last year. I find that we have to aim for a "leave" time...we live about 10 miles from our meeting house and in Southern California, where there is traffic everyday, all day, so it takes us 20-30 mins to get to church, usually on Sunday morning only 20, so we LEAVE the house 30 minutes before church. This morning we left at 8:30 and we were quite a bit early because there were fewer cars on the road than at 9:00 like last year. Next week we'll leave at 8:35, til we figure out what time is the right one.

Kara said...

Well, we were only a few mins late, arrived just as the opening hymn was finishing, which is better than normal actually. It's still sad that church is only 3 mins away and we are always late lol.