Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Bills

This week I'm going to tell you what works for me with bills. Before I started doing this my bill system was: get bills, throw them in coffee table drawer, hope they all got paid, months later go through drawer and sort things. Yeah, not very efficient and somehow we kept missing paying our cable bill. So I got organized. I bought a little mail sorter thing at the store. It has 3 slots. In slot 1 I put envelopes, address labels, a checkbook, and pen (stamps are always in my purse or they'd go there too). In slot 2 go bills that need paid. In slot 3 go bills that have been paid and need filed. I keep this on top of the entertainment center.

I also made myself a checklist of what bills we have and what the estimated monthly amount is. There is a column to write the actual amount, and a column to check off when each one has been paid. This list is on the fridge for now so I get used to useing it, but will probably be moved to the bill sorter after a while.

This is what works for me! Check out Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer for more WFMW tips!


Michelle said...

That looks great Kara, it sounds really effective. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. This is the main area of my life that is sorely disorganized ... and like you said, sometimes bills slip through the cracks. Thanks for the tip!

Barb said...

Now that's just an awesome system you've worked out!

Rae said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing =) Happy New Year!

Mom2fur said...

It's great to have your bills organized! I use a little 3-drawer plastic chest, myself. Top is for bills to be paid, checkbook and pen. Middle drawer--stamps, envelopes, return address labels. Bottom drawer...bills paid--to be filed, things I want to look at but aren't important, and greeting cards. Oh...and another reason to be well-organized--I tend to ignore most anything but monthly bills, so I didn't open an envelope from a medical center for a week--and found an $85 refund check in there! Guess I'd better start paying attention, LOL!