Wednesday, June 25, 2008


You know how hard it is to find a good swimsuit normally? Well, finding sexy swimwear for pregnant women is nearly impossible. So far my regular swimsuit has been working since it's 2-piece and the top has a loose belly area, but the last time I wore it I realized it was starting to fit more snug. Which means if I plan to do much swimming this hot summer I will need to find a new swimsuit at some point, and I am not looking forward to looking through maternity swimwear.


Unknown said...

ya Swimsuits prego or not, are not fun. I wore my two piece swimsuit while I was pregnant and later when I went swimming not pregnant I put it on and it was all stretched out and falling off, lets just say that swimming experience will be remembered. Good luck in finding one :)

Michelle said...

I agree. And even when you do find something that will be really cute, it's too expensive. :P

Steph said...

Kara- Old Navy has cute maternity ones. Well they did when I bought mine preggo with Jayli. I havent looked this time cause I still like those ones!