Friday, June 20, 2008


So my sister and I went to a local nursery to get ladybugs this evening. The first one didn't have any but the second one did. It was funny to be buying a bag of bugs lol. And that was a lot of bugs! Over 1700 I think. Anyway, I had to wait until it started getting dark to let them out and Hubby joined me. Can I just say EW!?! I really really hate bugs. Ladybugs aren't too bad, but I still don't like them crawling on me. And with that many bugs I was bound to get some on me. I let them out as quickly as possible around my rose bushes and garden but still had to occasionally freak out and blow them off my hands. Now I still feel all itchy just thinking about it. Yuck! Hopefully they will eat up the nasty aphids though, and I bet the boys will love them. They love the "tay-to bugs" (rolly-pollys/pill bugs) so I'm sure ladybugs will be a hit too. (I couldn't even make myself post a pick of a real ladybug lol, I had to get a cartoon one cuz I didn't want to keep seeing a yucky bug on my blog.)

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