Sunday, June 29, 2008

Guitar Hero

We don't usually play a lot of video games, mostly because until recently we haven't even had a working video game console. We have a Super Nintendo but it has a problem where you can use the Start buttons on the controllers, so pointless to play most games. But it is nice to find a really good game to play. A really fun game I love to play is Guitar Hero. My family has it, though I can't remember if they have it on Playstation or xbox 360, but it is so fun. I heard they have it out for Wii now, so maybe one of these days we will get it.

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Unknown said...

lol, that's funny I'm a video game junkie, but I'll deny it if you ask :) I usually only play when we have a party though.. Like we play Halo and guitar hero, but I really like Rockband. Playing the guitar cramps my hands like crazy, so I love playing the drums, if only I could get my hands and feet to separate maybe I'd make it past hard. :) If you come up we'll have to play some games :)