Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random Stuff

Well, I never got some of the stuff from my to-do list done yesterday. Most of it really. So I still need to clean and vacuumm the family room and fold all our clean laundry and clean the bathrooms. Since it's going to be cool and rainy today it's the perfect day to get caught up on some housework.

My little sister is going to be gone for a few hours, taking her cosmetology state board exam. I'm sure she'll pass, but she's of course a little nervous. Next week she takes the practical exam and then she will be a licensed cosmetologist. I'm so proud of her. She's only 19 and already got an associates degree in college and finished cosmetology school. She worked her butt off through high school and has worked full time at the same time so I'm very proud of her. She's been a lot of fun to have living with us too. :)

And my garden has started sprouting! I am going out to check on it now, but yesterday I already had some lettuce, radishes, and onions starting to sprout :) Everything else seems to be doing good too and growing, except my strawberry plants haven't gotten any fruit yet, not sure if it's still too early or if they're too old or if the compost I put around them is keeping them from fruiting although they are still growing nicely. I really know next to nothing about strawberry plants lol.

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