Sunday, June 22, 2008

Broken A/C :(

Our A/C is broken! Waaaaaaaah!!! It is so hot :P And it really sucks when I'm making dinner and the stove is going, makes it even hotter in here. So we have all the ceiling fans going and that helps a tiny bit. I'm sitting right under one now to cool off after getting dinner in the oven. Hubby spent a lot of yesterday and some of today up on the roof trying to fix the cooler but the motor just won't start. He's gotten tired of fiddling with it and is going to call someone professional to come fix it tomorrow. Hopefully they can come fix it tomorrow since we are supposed to have temps in the 90s all week. If not we'll have to get out the little window units from the garage until it's fixed, though I don't think they will really help too much in a house this size.


Anonymous said...

I know you're pain! We are still stuck with a little window unit that keeps freezing up on us! It is probably worse for you though with being pregnant.

Michelle said...

How awful for you having to be so hot AND pregnant! I hope the repair guy fixes it right away for you!