Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday madness

Today we don't have much to do at all. The only place we need to go is the library to return movies. I do need to get laundry put away, it's driving me and Hubby nuts lol. I also need to go through some boxes in Jakey's closet to find some cloth diapers that are missing. We finally went back to using cloth during the day with him since I just have one in diapers now, but my pockets and AIOs are missing, in some box somewhere. Also a good time to start going through baby clothes and getting rid of ones that are too worn to use for this baby and get out any that are gender neutral so I have less to do when we find out baby's gender next week. Oh, I also need to find the box of 2T clothes I know is in there somewhere to see if we have more summer clothes in that size for Jakey, and then pack up the long sleeve shirts and sweats. With temps getting to the 90s now I'm pretty sure it's safe to pack up the winter clothes!

Guess I have more to do than I thought lol. I may start by getting laundry put away so that doesn't get procrastinated again.

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