Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back hurts and funny tan lines

My dentist appointment went well today. My teeth are all nice and clean now, but I have a few cavities that we'll take care of next week. The dentist chair had a built in massager which was nice at the time, but it popped a rib out of place so my back has had shooting pains all day :P Good thing I had nothing else to do. We all went to the playground this evening and the boys had lots of fun. It's so nice that we can go outside so much now. I love that we have a fenced in backyard so the boys can go outside to play without me worrying about where they are. It's funny because they always strip down to their underwear/diaper (good thing we have privacy fence lol) so from playing outside in just that they have tan lines around their little behinds, it's so funny.

Well, I'm off to play some Mario Kart! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. :)

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