Monday, June 16, 2008

My garden is growing

I posted an update on my garden blog :) You can see pics of the stuff that is growing. I also took some pics of my roses because I am so excited about my rose bushes blooming. They are gorgeous! I'm hoping that by this time next month my garden will be even greener with stuff growing even more. Some things haven't done as well as hoped and others have done really well.


StraightedgexXxGurrl said...

ha ha yeah i think its funny when ppl are like Bridgette? your name is jill! lol but yeah, im not sure if we are moving, but i sure hope we are..
love ya

Anonymous said...

That's great! We're still waiting to see any sign of life out of our garden.

Steph said...

yeah for a garden!
I tagged you!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rose!