Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob!

So today, my little baby turns 2. It is so crazy how quickly time goes by. Jacob is such a smart little boy. He talks a ton. At his appointment last week the doctor was asking if he says 2 word sentences and I was like "Oh yeah! He says a lot more than that!" You can have whole conversations in full sentences with this kid. And he is soooo active! He is all over everything. He loves to climb. Get him and Jason together and they can create havoc faster than a tornado. Jacob and Jason are such good friends. Of course they fight like brothers do, but they have so much fun together. Almost makes me hope for another boy so there's another to play with. :) I love my little guy and am so happy he is part of our family.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little guy! :)

What a QT pie!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Jacob!!!