Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wanna see my baby?

So, one thing I love about my new midwife is that she has her own little ultrasound machine so she can do them any time we want. At my appointment yesterday we did a quick check of little Nathan to make sure he was head down since he has been moving all over the place the last few weeks. He kept covering his face and sucking on his hand, it was so cute. And we got a good pic of a cute little foot. So the first pic is a profile of his face and sucking his hand and the second is his foot.
Also, everything went fine at my appointment. I am so happy I switched to this midwife, I love the personal care and how I don't feel all rushed. With my OB I would wait at least 30 mins and see her maybe 2 mins. With my midwife there is no wait and we can talk for more than an hour about things. I feel so comfortable and relaxed about it now. And I got a quick tour of the birth center and it is so nice. The birth suite is like a very nice bedroom, with a big bathroom and large soft tub. I can't wait to give birth there.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so cool!!! Congrats. :)

I am so excited for you...but I'll bet you forgot (like I did) about those sleepless nights. *sigh* Wow, I'm so tired!

Kara said...

LOL, I can honestly say I sleep better with a newborn than I do while pg, and Hubby can back me up. I have the worst time sleeping while pg, by then end I'll only get 2-3hrs a night. So I really am looking forward to it :D

Anonymous said...

I had a midwife the second time and I really preferred it over and OB. They really helped a lot with the delivery (massaging my back and coaching me) while a doctor just comes at the last minute.