Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Madness

Today we are recovering from our weekend. We got the house all nice and cleaned for Jason's party Saturday, and by the end of the day it was trashed and I just wasn't up to getting it all done yesterday. This morning I had a meeting with the Webelos leader to go over the coming month, and I could not let her see my house so messy, so I spent a few hours this morning cleaning. I got the family room and living room cleaned and vacuumed, dishes done, counter cleaned, tablecloth washed, and kitchen floor swept. That's a lot more than I usually get done before 10am lol! It's nice to have it done early though so I don't have to deal with a messy house all day. Now I just need to get a bunch of laundry washed and folded.

I've been fighting a cold for 4-5 days now. It's not enough to make me miserable, just enough to be annoying and make me irritable. I actually left church early yesterday cuz I was so tired and didn't want to be sniffling all through church. So I got a little nap before Hubby and the boys got home, that was nice. I never get enough naps lol.

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!


Stacey said...

It's always nice to get things clean early in the morning.

I'm sorry about your cold,that is going around our house too. :( Glad you got to have nap though!

Michelle said...

WTG on getting so much done! I *thought* about cleaning, does that count as being productive? ;)

Sorry about the cold. Darn things last forever!

Happy belated birthday to Jason!