Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not so bad

My day did get better after my crazed morning. I got a little nap while Jakey napped and my sister kept her eye on Jason. That helped restore my sanity. Then the boys weren't quite as active the rest of the day. Hubby picked up pizza for dinner on his way home (even though he can't eat it on his new diet) and he was so sweet and picked me up roses and Snickers as well to make me feel better. Aww. He can be so sweet and wonderful.

I keep remembering something I have to do tomorrow, but then I forget. And I don't have it written on the calendar so I don't know what it is I keep forgetting. It's so annoying! Hopefully it's not anything really important. Oh wait, I just remembered! We are going shopping for Jason's birthday stuff tomorrow. I'm excited to pick him out a new bike, he is going to love it! I better remember to get a helmet and pads too so he doesn't get hurt learning to ride it :)

OK, now that I remembered that and wrote it down I can go to bed without my brain keeping me up trying to think it up. Have a good night!

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Michelle said...

I'm glad you got that nap! I felt so bad when you told me how awful your morning was. What a blessing to have your sister there to help!

Happy birthday early to Jason! I can't wait to see pictures of him on his bike. :D