Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Season Premiere

Is anyone else really excited for the new season of TV shows? I am :D I'm looking forward to The Office and ER. I can't believe it's the last season for ER! And I am nervous to see how they pick up from the last episode. And The Office is hilarious, so I am excited to see some new episodes. Both shows premiere on the 25th, that'll be a fun night.

Football, on the other hand, I am not so excited for anymore. I've been looking forward to the season but now I'm not. Why? Because we are Patriots fans and during Sunday's game Tom Brady, their all-star quarterback, was injured. He has to get knee surgery and will be out for the WHOLE season! Now, I'm not saying they aren't still a good team without him, but really, he is an awesome quarterback and I don't know if they'll do so well this year without him. I guess will just have to see how the new quarterback will do and how the team adjusts to playing without Brady.

So what shows are you all looking forward to?

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