Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good morning

Good morning everyone. Hope you all slept well. I didn't. :P I was awake from 3-4:30am for no reason at all, just wishing I could fall back to sleep. I really need to start going to bed earlier too, so I'm going to set a goal for myself to go to bed by 10pm. Luckily the boys are starting to sleep in a bit later now that it's staying darker longer. Instead of waking up at 6:30 they usually wake around 7-7:30 now.

Today we are going to the park with my cousin and her little boy. We need to get in as many park days as we can before it gets colder and the baby is born. Plus it wears out the boys so they sleep better lol. Then later today I have Enrichment Night at church so that allows me to get out of the house without the kids for a few hours, that's always nice.

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