Saturday, September 27, 2008

Party Time

Wow, this day went so fast! We had a little barbecue for Jason's birthday so Hubby and I spent the morning cleaning and getting food ready. Hubby's mom, sister, and brother drove down from Idaho and some of my brothers and sisters and my dad stopped by at various times. Jason was so excited about everything. After eating we had cake. Jason has been asking for a "Diego cake" for the last month so I made sure I got some Go Diego Go figures to put on his cake. We sang Happy Birthday, he blew out the candle, and we dug in. And then we moved on to the presents. He got an Aquadoodle, crayons, pants, a boxful of toys and other things from MIL, and his big boy bike. He loves all his presents. I'm really happy I got the Aquadoodle because the boys really like it and it's not messy. :) And he was so cute learning to ride around on his bike.

I'm going to get some pictures put up probably tomorrow. I'm just exhausted now and Jakey didn't get a nap today so I need to get us all to bed or it's going to be hard to get up for church tomorrow.

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