Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No more sickies!

Jakey slept all night and seems to be feeling fine today, thank heavens! It's so nice to have him back to his happy, non-puking, self. The poor kid was so hungry yesterday because he couldn't keep any food down, I felt awful for him, especially when we would eat a meal and he couldn't have any. You'd think a kid who hadn't eaten for a day would eat all his cereal this morning, but nope. He still dumped half of it on the table and floor. Guess old habits die hard lol.

Today is supposed to be nice out. 75* and a thunderstorm later. I love when it's cool enough out that I don't need to turn the a/c on. And I love the rain. Though the cooler weather reminds me that all too soon winter is going to be here. Soon I need to go through the boys clothes and get out the winter stuff and put away summer stuff. That also means we'll need to go shopping for some winter clothes for Jason.

Speaking of going through clothes, I think that I will go grab the box of baby clothes I've been meaning to go through and see what we have for baby. It'll be fun to see all the cute little outfits again.

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Anonymous said...

We've had nice weather here too, due to the rains though.

Have fun going through the baby clothes. I've been doing the same thing this week.

I'm glad there's no more sickies around there. That is NO FUN!!