Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just need to complain a little

Oh my goodness. I may go crazy before the end of the day. It is only 8am and the boys are already driving me insane. Jakey has been so whiney lately, which may or may not be due to his 2-year molars coming in. Whatever the reason, I am running very short on patience with his fit-throwing and whining. Everything warrants a fit. He wants to do everything and screams "No! I do it!" whenever we try to do anything for ourselves. It gets very annoying and is not at all helpful when I just want to pour a cup of milk without spilling it all over the floor. Every time he has to go down stairs he stands at the top and screams "Hold my hand!" even though he is perfectly capable of going down stairs himself. And of course if we don't let him have his way he throws himself on the floor kicking and screaming.

And I am so tired of the boys' messes. I don't understand why they have to throw everything all over the floor. We cleaned the playroom a few days ago, and the toys are all over the room again. There are coloring papers and videos all over the family room, cereal spilled on the table, and a million other messes they make on a daily basis. I can't keep up and they just keep going.

Sorry for complaining so much. Some days I just want to lock the boys in their room all day so I can get something done and have it stay clean for more than 2 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Sariah has her two year old molars coming in as well. She has been more whiny as well. I had my "going crazy" with the kids day last week :)

Lydia said...

Found you through Entrecard. I am with you. Some days you just wish you could stop the mess!