Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Jason has been so silly tonight. He keeps saying he is sick from playing in the rain today. The thing is, they didn't really play in the rain much, just ran out for a minute then came back in. And he is acting fine, but giving this fake pathetic sad face and saying he is sick. I think he's feeling a little left out with Jakey being sick yesterday and my sister not feeling well today, and he just wants the attention on him. So I went ahead and humored him by getting him a rice bag for his tummy (he always wants a warm rice bag when his tummy hurts). What a funny, silly boy.

Jakey has been acting his normal active self today. Both boys have been super hyper today for some reason. I'm still recovering from lack of sleep and just watching them play and run around makes me feel exhausted lol. I seriously don't know how kids can have so much energy!

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