Thursday, September 04, 2008

Construction work

So, wanna see how I spent my evening yesterday?
Looks like we were doing some remodeling huh? Well, not quite. We were actually just fixing a leak in our fridge. And why would we have to remove the cabinets to do this? Because, when we moved in the fridge we bought was slightly too big for the opening, but we wedged it in anyway. Unfortunately for the last few weeks it's been leaking out the bottom, and we had to get the fridge out somehow to fix it. The only way to get it out was to remove the cabinets. So after dinner Hubby and I got started. We got the cabinets unscrewed and moved out of the way and figured out where the leak was coming from. Then came the hard part, putting the cabinets on, but 1.5 inches over so we now have enough room to move the fridge around. Luckily my sister came home and was able to help Hubby with the lifting since I really shouldn't, and I just screwed the cabinets in while they held them. We did pretty good for people with no experience installing cabinets. Now we just need to get a strip of paneling to cover the 1.5in gap left from moving them over.

We had to get it finished last night so the boys wouldn't mess with anything, so I didn't get to bed until after 12:30am. I hope the boys both nap today so I can too.

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Michelle said...

What a project! I'm really impressed! Good job.