Sunday, September 07, 2008

My first home-grown tomato

Today I got to eat my very first home-grown tomato. I started a garden primarily because I love fresh garden tomatoes and that is the one thing I have wanted to work out the most in my garden. I have a bunch of tomatoes still green and waiting to ripen, but one was ahead of the rest and was ripe enough to pick a few days ago. It had some large splits in it but they had healed over and didn't ruin as much of the tomato as I thought it had. We cut into it today and ate it fresh with just some salt. It was delicious! Mmm, sooo yummy. I could honestly have eaten the whole raw tomato with salt myself, but I had to share with Hubby and Jason, who also loved it. I can't wait for the rest to ripen.


Anonymous said...

Yay! How neat to be able to eat your own home-grown produce! :)

MotherToMany said...

That is so cool! I'd love to have a garden ut my husband has yet to build me the planters I need to do so.