Sunday, September 21, 2008

My team stinks

So, we are watching some football. Well, not really "watching" it since it's not being shown on any channel we get. But we are keeping tabs on the New England Patriots game going on right now. I am severely disappointed. They are playing horribly. I just knew this year was going to be horrible without Tom Brady. I mean, they are losing to the DOLPHINS! That right there tells you they are really stinking it up. Losing to the Dolphins is like admitting you are the worst team in the whole NFL. They may as well just book Mediterranean cruises and not bother playing the rest of the season if it's going to be like this all season. I'm hoping that today they are just having a bad day and that they will play better from now on, because they have managed to win 2 games so far, but it's not looking likely.

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Lisa said...

Don't feel bad, my teeam (Chargers) aren't fairing as well as I'd hoped either