Sunday, September 07, 2008


With the birth of this baby coming in just a few months, Hubby and I have been speculating on what he will look like. When Jason was born you could definitely tell he was our kid, he looked just like me as a baby with lots of thick dark hair, and has a lot of Hubby's features as well. Jakey on the other hand came out blond and almost bald and we joked that we should get DNA testing done because Hubby and I both have thick brown hair. But really he also have a good mix of our features, the blond just comes from my side of the family. So, over time Jason has come to look more like Hubby's side of the family, though he definitely has my eyes, and Jakey has a lot of looks from my side. They are both a really good mix and you can't miss that they are brothers and our kids.

So, what will this baby look like? Will he look more like me or Hubby, or more like one of the boys, or just another variation on our mix of genes? It's fun to think about. Only 2 more months until we get to see!

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