Monday, September 15, 2008

Learning letters

Lately I've been trying to get Jason to understand letters better. I must admit I am not a very good teacher. We forget to do preschool a lot and I have gotten lazy about making sure he is learning new things. So I am working harder now on at least helping him to recognize letters. One thing we are working on is writing his name. I will usually write it out and then have him try to copy it, but it often turns out to be pretty illegible. I finally got the idea to make up some connect-the-dot name pages for him. So last night I found a site with connect-the-dot letters and spelled out his name with it and printed it off for him. He really likes it a lot more than just copying my writing, plus he is actually learning how to write the letters the right way.

I also just got a VCR from my family and the boys have been enjoying a ABC video we have. I'm hoping that exposing them to the alphabet in different ways will help them start to recognize the letters better.

I am planning on putting him in a preschool next year though. I realize that I am just not a good enough teacher to get him ready for school by myself. I admire anyone who teaches because I just do not have the patience or skill required to do that.


Anonymous said...

What is the website for the connect the dot letters? My daughter loves the Leapfrog Letter factory video.

Kara said...

Here's the website

Michelle said...

Cool link, thanks!

It's hard to keep up with trying to teach your children while you have everything else to do. I bet Jason will love preschool, he's such a good boy. How much does it cost down there?

Kara said...

The price depends on whether you go with private preschools, home preschools, or public ones through the school district, and how many days/hours you have them go. Private ones are usually at least $200/month, home ones are around $100/month, and the ones we have through the local high schools are $50/month.