Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tired and a rant

Well, I managed to get a lot more done today than usual. Not everything on my to-do list got finished, but considering how much I put on it today, I think I did pretty good. Hubby is mopping for me right now, isn't he so nice? I'm kind of worn out now from being up more than usual but it's so nice to have a clean house occasionally lol.

I also called my old OB office today to cancel the appointment I had set up for this week and to get my glucose test results from my last appointment since they didn't include it with my medical records they sent to the midwife. Turns out I did not pass the glucose test, and they obviously didn't think it was important enough that I should know right away, nevermind the fact that undiagnosed gestational diabetes can cause health problems for me and baby. Not that I have GD, just that my glucose test showed slightly elevated levels and I need to have a longer test done to rule out GD. I'm going in to my midwife Friday for the 3 hour test and hopefully it will show that everything is fine. I am just so annoyed at the OB office for not bothering to let me know asap that my results were abnormal. One more reason I'm glad I switched.

Anyway, I'm watching House right now, yay! So excited that we are into new TV season.


Michelle said...

That's crazy they didn't tell you your results! I'm sorry you didn't pass. Good luck on Friday with the three hour test! Let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

3 hour test! I hope the results are negative.