Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What the...

hail?! Haha. So we got a nice thunderstorm going through here. I was so excited when it started raining cuz we have needed the rain so bad and I was happy I wouldn't have to water the garden for a few days. And then it started raining more. And more. And I had to help my sister try to cover her car because one of the windows is broken. (I totally just realized I should have had her pull it into the garage since Hubby has the car at work! D'oh!) Unfortunately that got blown off and the passenger side of her car is soaked.

And then it rained even more. It was just pouring down like a faucet. I was celebrating the fact that we were getting so much water.

And then it started to hail. And we realized that unless we wanted the garden shredded we would have to somehow cover it up. So my sister and I ran out and got a tarp and attempted to cover it with the stinging hail raining down on us. It was so windy and wet and painful! We were just laughing at how crazy it was. We only got it about half tied up to the fence over the garden before it just got too painful to stay out any more, but at least the corn and tomato plants were covered good. Everything else had the weight of the wet tarp on it so we have quiet a few smashed plants, such as the onions, and I don't know if they will survive. The tarp couldn't reach the strawberry plants and they are pretty shredded (guess it's a good thing they didn't have any strawberries growing anyway huh?), and the flowers in the front flower bed were flattened too. It was completely nuts!

It lasted maybe 10-15 minutes, then we got a break in the rain and I went out and finished tying up the tarp in case it hails again. Next time we get a severe thunderstorm warning I am getting the tarp ready beforehand, just in case! Kelsey and I were so soaked, and had to shower and change after. Brr.

Here is a pic during the height of the hailstorm, after we retreated from the battle with the tarp:

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Anonymous said...

OUCH! I'm glad you made it through.