Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Madness

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was pretty boring and normal. Any fun plans for this week? I just have an orthodontist appointment on Thursday. Oh, and I'm taking the boys to a fire station tomorrow. My sister's new boyfriend is a firefighter and he's going to show them around and let them ride in a fire truck. I'm sure they will love it. Plus this month in preschool we are talking about occupations and one is firefighter, so it goes along with that :) I think that's all we have planned for this week. Today I'm just going to do some laundry and dishes like normal. If I feel productive I might go tackle the playroom again, and purge some of the toys, then start going through the box of baby clothes I got out last night to see what we have for baby Nathan.


Michelle said...

Ours was pretty eventful. I just blogged about some of it. :)

The boys are going to have SO much fun riding on the firetruck. I hope we get to see some cute pictures of them!

Enjoy your day. :D

Anonymous said...

Nathan is such a cute name! Do you do a homeschool preschool program with your boys?

Kara said...

Michelle- yep, we will definitely take pics :D

Melissa- yes, I do preschool with Jason (when I remember lol). He's still on the 2yr old curriculum since that seemed best to start him out with, but in September we'll start the 3yr curriculum with him and start Jakey on the 2yr old one. Jakey likes to join in already but he's not very helpful and just makes it harder to teach Jason. I started doing it with my friend Michelle when I lived up in Idaho. The curriculum is from If I could afford to send him to a preschool I would this year though, I know he'd learn more and enjoy the interaction.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to go through baby clothes isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

That is really neat, I do a homeschooling toddler program with my kids as well!