Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

Today is a holiday in Utah, but we really aren't doing anything much. It is Pioneer Day, and because it's not a national holiday Hubby still has work. So it's pretty much like any other day around here. We might go watch some fireworks tonight. There was a parade this morning but I didn't feel like fighting the downtown crowd alone with the boys, so we didn't go. It's already getting hot out too, otherwise I'd take the boys on a picnic to the park or something. Yesterday we went to my brother's apartment complex to go swimming and the boys had so much fun. It was really nice to get in the cool water, but it was exhausting for me. I wish I had more energy for fun stuff like that.

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Michelle said...

It's always hard to want to do anything when it's so hot outside. I hope you're able to see the fireworks though. That should be fun and a little cooler for you. :)