Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Heads or Tails: O

It's been a while since I joined in Heads or Tails, cuz I just keep forgetting lol. Anyway, this week's theme is "Anything that starts with the letter O". So here are a few things that start with O:

Octopus- cuz for some reason that's the first thing that pops into my mind for O lol. I tried to eat octopus once, when we were in Cancun. OMG it made me gag. It was so rubbery and disgusting I had to spit it out so I wouldn't throw up.

Orange- yummy, juicy, citrus fruit. Mmm. I like orange flavored candies too.

Olives- I remember as kids the appeal of the olive was to put them on all 10 fingers and then eat them. Now my fingers are too big, but my kids sure love to do it.

Oklahoma!- I saw this musical on Broadway in New York and it was great. It's a fun show with catchy music. Ooooooooooo-klahoma...

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Anonymous said...

Great HoT :)

We never had olives when we were young but now, as an adult, I love them.

My post is about age being just a number and it up at my place: